We love everything about the gin revolution – from small batch boutique distilleries, to lip smackingly creative new gin cocktails. From sexy new cocktail bars to traditional old fashioned gin bars. And from gin-related snacks to exotic garnishes.

We love drinking gin, whether it’s in the sunshine on a summer’s day or lifting our spirits on those dark winter nights.

We love all things gin – food made with gin, drinks made from gin, gin ice cream, stories about gin, gin bars with great views, gin bars with great music, gin bars with great gins.

And most of all, we love drinking our gin, with good friends.

So much so that we just can’t keep our excitement to ourselves.



Every month, we’ll inspire you with our latest recommendations of gins from around the world. We make you a solemn promise to try each of them personally and we’ll let you know what we think. We’ll offer tasting notes, we’ll try to recommend a tonic water to match, we’ll even share with you some delicious recipes to turn your humble gin and tonic into an amazing cocktail.

We’ll let you know how to get the most from each gin’s unique flavours by adding just the right garnish and the right ingredients to release the complex botanicals that make gin the greatest drink in the world.

So, banish forever the idea of a dirty glass and “ice and a slice” – we’ll turn your auntie’s favourite tipple into a cocktail classic.

Gin is in the air

Where better to spend a summer’s day or evening than sitting in the open air on a roof terrace sipping your favourite gin concoction. And there’s no better place to do that than right here in Barcelona – justly famous for its stylish, cocktail swigging rooftop terraces. We promise to leave no stone unturned in our quest for the best (this research thing is so difficult!).

We’ll dedicate ourselves single mindedly to find the best places in Barcelona (and beyond) to sample your gins al fresco and report back to you every month with the best places to sip on a gin while taking in an extraordinary view of this stunning city.

Stay tuned, this could turn your entire summer around!

Ginteresting cocktails

We’ll compile a regular list of gin cocktail recipes that can be made with simple, easy to find ingredients – some new, some old, all delicious. We know how good a gin can taste when it’s made by a professional mixologist and now we’ll help you to collect some of the best classic and contemporary recipes from around the world (so that you can build up your skills without even having to leave your home) and impress your friends at the same time.

How good is that!!

Gintriguing facts

Gin has been around in different forms for a long time – but how much do you know of the history of your favourite drink? How did gin change the world? Which famous people liked a good G&T? Why did cats dispense gin to Londoners in the 18th century? Why was gin known as “mother’s ruin”?

All will be revealed in our regular Gin-triguing facts segment – updated every month with quirky and totally irrelevant Gin-formation that you can impress your friends with.

Gin walks

If you live in Barcelona, you’ll know how hectic the gin scene can be. When your city is setting the standards for gin drinkers around the world, you’d better be on top of your game.

But with so many new bars popping up every week, how can you make the most of your precious gin time here in gin-town?

So we thought we’d make things easier for you.

We’ll regularly publish a series of short gin walks, each based around a specific theme – it could be ”barrio” gin bars, gin bars with music, gin bars with a view, gin bars with food or whatever else takes our fancy. We’ll tell you what we found, how to get from one to the next (and we’ll make sure that they’re all within a convenient staggering distance of each other!)

And we promise that we’ll personally try each of them so that you get an honest view of the gin scene here in our sunny Mediterranean capital of gin (and beyond).

Feel free to follow where we have boldly gone and check them out for yourselves – and if you’re visiting from out of town, your visit just got a whole lot easier (and a lot more fun!)

Gin of the month

You’ll simply have to trust us on this – we’re just a bunch of friends who share a passion for gin. We haven’t studied distilling techniques nor have we spent years at cocktail school. But we know what we like – and since we’re nice people, we reckon that if we like it, we ought to share it with you. So each month, we’ll feature our current favourite tipple and we’ll let you know what we think of it – and why.

In the end, we know it’s all just a matter of taste – and we know that when all is said and done, you’ll make up your own mind.

We just want to make it easy for you to hit the bullseye, every time.

Around the world in 80 gins

Around the world in 80 gins. Join us as we take you on a journey around the world of gin. Sometimes, a drink just tastes better in an exotic location, so we´ll share with you some of the best places we´ve ever sipped on a G&T – and we´d like to hear your favourites as well. So, whether it´s gin on safari, gin overlooking the Pyramid of Giza or gin on a desert island, share with us and let us take you on a gin journey you´ll never forget.

Cooking with gin

Gin has many uses and now that the gin revolution is with us, gin warriors around the world are coming up with new and interesting ways of keeping that gin flavour alive in some of your favourite things. We’ve tried gin cheesecake, gin truffles, gin chocolate. We’ve tried delicious gin Turron from right here in Catalunya. Gin iced lollies, gin ice cream, gin aioli, gin and tonic cronuts, raspberry gin trifles, gin pasta, gin popcorn and even gin macarons.We’ll be sharing some of these great recipes over the coming months – starting off with gin ice cream for the summer season.If you have any great gin recipes you’d like to share with us, please post them here. We need to share the love…

Gin the news

Bite sized chunks of gin news to whet your appetite, keep you up to date with all things gin and generally to keep you entertained when you’ve run out of things to do.

Here you will find what is happening in the world of gin right now.

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