The Singapore Sling

The Singapore Sling

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This classic cocktail was invented in Singapore’s Raffles Hotel where it started off as a Straits Sling. However, this appeared a little too dry for the contemporary taste buds, so the head bartender decided to sweeten it up a bit. Kirsch was replaced with cherry brandy and the drink was lengthened to make it more refreshing. The result – one of the most famous gin-based cocktails in the world, ready to refresh your taste-buds on a hot day and transport you to a fan cooled veranda on a hot and humid Singapore day. Aaaah. I can taste it now.

How to make it at home:

30ml of gin

30 ml of Benedictine

30 ml of fresh lime juice

60 ml of soda water

A dash of Angostura bitters

Build the first 4 ingredients in a tall ice-filled glass, then stir, top up with soda water and add the bitters.

For a spicy twist on the classic recipe, replace soda water with ginger beer or ginger ale, sit back and pretend you’re in Singapore.


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