We love gin. That’s the bottom line.

So, gin lovers of the world unite!

Most great stories start with a drink, so let’s tell you ours.

We’re a group of four friends, united over a common love of all things gin.

Some of us are from London (the home of gin) and some of us are from Barcelona (the city that changed gin forever).

But we all live here in Europe’s undisputed sunny capital of gin.

We love everything about the gin revolution – from small batch boutique distilleries, to lip smackingly creative new gin cocktails. From sexy new cocktail bars to traditional old fashioned gin bars. And from gin-related snacks to exotic garnishes.

We love drinking gin, whether it’s in the sunshine on a summer’s day or lifting our spirits on those dark winter nights.

We love all things gin – food made with gin, drinks made from gin, gin ice cream, stories about gin, gin bars with great views, gin bars with great music, gin bars with great gins.

And most of all, we love drinking our gin, with good friends.

So much so that we just can’t keep our excitement to ourselves.


That’s why we launched www.barcelonagin.com


Our mission

To build a happy place where people who share our passion can find the latest drinks, the best bars, the most innovative bartenders, the best cocktail recipes, the current trends.

Every month, we’ll share our latest thoughts with you, the great gin drinking public.

We’ll hold gin events, intrigue you with fascinating facts and hopefully, introduce you to the delights of gin from the perspective of the town that changed gin forever – Barcelona, the gin capital of the world.


We are warriors in the gin revolution!