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Gin presents: 5 stocking stuffers under £20

Santa has been following your every move all year long. He already knows who’s been naughty or nice and the great reckoning is about to begin. What gin presents could be in the offing?

I’m working on the assumption that all of our members have been nice this year and deserve a little gin happiness in their Christmas stockings. Gone are the days when we would all turn down pages of the Argos catalogue in the hope that our parents would pick up the book and take the hint. These days, we have to be a bit more assertive in our Christmas selections. And with the gin revolution now in full flow, we thought we’d give you (and Santa) a little ginspiration for gin presents in 2020. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone you love, there’s plenty of good gin stuff for Santa to pack into his sack for you this year.

So, here’s part one of the Barcelona gin presents Christmas list. Today, we’ll concentrate on gin presents that might just end up in your stocking on Christmas Eve. And if you’re lucky enough to be on the “good” list, then please don’t forget to say thanks – Santa is partial to a drop of gin along with his mince pies. Nothing for the reindeers, on the other hand. They’re driving.

PS: At the time of publication, everything on this list was available for under £20. Our next gin presents list will be raising the budget a little more!

1. Boozy gin baubles: gin presents filled with Christmas spirit

We know these are a bit obvious, but these days no gin lover should put up their Christmas tree without a decent selection of gin baubles spread out across the branches. There are a whole load of different ways to load your tree with gin and apparently baubles are now all the rage. Some baubles come empty and you can fill them as you please. Others come already filled to the brim with gin, so you’ll need to choose the right product if you’re going to get what you want.

We think this 12 pack of refillable gin baubles could be just the thing to get that Christmas spirit flowing. The pack includes 12 refillable booze balls, a sheet of Christmas gin stickers to decorate them with and (crucially) a small plastic funnel so that you don’t spill any gin when you’re filling them up. They’ve thought of everything – and since you’re filling them yourself, you’ll never be disappointed.

Each bauble is big enough to hold a decent slug of gin (90ml). The trick is making them last until Christmas. But since these are refillable, it doesn’t really matter – when one’s empty you can always fill it up again!

Nobody will ever know.

2. Gin art: turn your empty bottles into little glass lights

If you’re an avid gin collector, you’ll already know just how easy it is to empty a bottle of gin. But what do you do with the bottles once you’re done with them? With so many stunning bottles around now (many of which could almost be works of art in themselves) why consign them to the recycling bin and have them ground down when you could always recycle them yourself into something delightful.

These lovely (and easy) gin lights will turn any empty, clear bottle into a stunning bar feature. Simply feed the micro thin wire into the bottle of your choice, put the plastic cork in the top and switch on. They’ll twinkle and shine for ages, adding a touch of gin style to anybody’s Christmas decorations. They’re also great outdoors for barbecues when the weather gets a bit warmer. They look gorgeous shimmering from inside a bottle of Silent Pool, they’ll dazzle you from behind the glass of an empty Gin Mare bottle and they’ll add some sparkle once you’re all done with your Drumshambo Gunpowder gin.

But we’re sure you’ll have a wide selection of your own empty bottles to choose from come the end of the year. Whatever works best for you…

A really simple idea that will light up the room with festive sparkle for Christmas and beyond.

3. GIN: The Manual

We all love our gin – I guess if we didn’t we’d all be on a different site right now. But how much do we all know about the drink we love? Introducing GIN: The Manual. This fabulous book, written by award-winning drinks writer Dave Broom is the perfect book to bring you up to speed quickly with the things you need to know about the drink you love.

In 224 fun, fact-packed pages, he takes you on a journey through the world of gin, starting with a fascinating look into its (often dark) history. He also provides simple, details of the production process, introduces the most common flavour profiles, takes a look at the world of mixers and offers some easy recipes for classic gin cocktails.

Then, there’s a whole section on gins of the world including ratings, botanicals, flavour camps and pairing/cocktail recommendations. He then round this all off with a selection of gin-based cocktail recipes. Basically, this book will make you look like an expert in minutes – and if you read it properly and follow the advice, you’ll be a gin pro before you know it. This is the perfect stocking filler for gin lovers who want to learn more, but in a fun and enjoyable format.

4. Metal gin straws: ban the plastic

With climate change on the tip of everybody’s tongues and recycling finally becoming a standard part of 21st century life, most of us understand the vital importance of recycling our waste. And this year, the spotlight shone brightly on the scourge of plastic straws. The UK alone uses (and throws away) more than 8.5 billion plastic straws each year – and we barely give it a second thought. But now we know the truth.

Once we throw them away, plastic straws break down into ever smaller particles, releasing toxic chemicals into the soil, water and air. These chemicals are harmful to animals, plants, people and the environment. In fact, shockingly, over one million seabirds and more than 100,000 mammals are killed annually from plastic in our oceans. But there’s an easy solution.

If straws are your thing and you can’t make your favourite cocktail without them, then check out these reusable, plastic free, eco-friendly metal drinking straws from AUNEK. This 16 piece stainless steel set includes straight metal straws and bendy metal straws in both large and small versions.

These stainless steel straws are the perfect solution to the gin drinker’s eco challenge. They even come with 4 cleaning brushes. Perfect for your G&T, cocktail, or fruit smoothie, these straws will not only do good, but they’ll make you feel good as well. One less thing to feel guilty about this Christmas.

5. Gin truffles: gin presents with a lemon twist

So, for the ultimate sweet gin indulgence, how about a gorgeous mix of PRESTAT London Gin Truffles. These guys were officially appointed chocolate makers to the Queen way back in 1909 – and we know that Her Maj is partial to a gin and tonic. But we weren’t aware of her other apparent love – chocolate. PRESTAT of London have taken a rich dark chocolate ganache, flavoured it with gin and infused it with lemon and juniper berries before enrobing it in creamy white chocolate.

The regal green and gold box features instantly recognisable London icons such as Big Ben and the Tower of London’s Beefeaters, so you’ll be in no doubt about where they’re from. But the real kicker here is that these delectable truffles have been made as a tribute to a London gin and lemon fizz cocktail – with a secret ingredient that gives these chocolates a gentle gin “fizz”.

Note: please check allergy advice before purchasing this product

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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