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Let’s drink to our health: 5 reasons why gin is good for you!

Is gin the elixir of life or the devil’s juice?

Alcohol has a rich tradition of medicinal application earned over the centuries. Since its earliest days it has been recognised as having life-restoring properties of its own. Despite early recognition of gin’s medicinal benefits and the reviving qualities of spirits such as brandy and bitters, drinking gin is still seen as unhealthy. While we agree that everything is best in moderation, in the interest of balance, we thought we’d do our little bit to restore the medicinal reputation of gin. In fact, we’re even going to try to convince you of its health giving properties.  

So, stick with us as we reveal just why gin is better for you than you might think and allow us to bust a few myths along the way. 

A bad reputation?

Many people link our favourite spirit with social decline and moral decay. Over the years, it has accumulated unflattering nicknames such as “Mother’s Ruin”. Social commentators such as Hogarth depicted the havoc that gin wreaked on 19th century London in his famous “Gin Street” engraving. None of that can be denied. But you might be surprised to discover that gin can actually do you some good.  And these days, every chink of light is worth reaching for!

So here are 5 reasons to drink gin (in moderation, of course!) And some great arguments for you to use the next time someone calls you out for your gin habit.

Under 100 calories a glass of gin

I guess like everything in life, moderation is generally the best policy.  But if you’re really worried about putting on the pounds and don’t want to give up the booze, you’ll be pleased to discover that gin is one of the least fattening spirits you can buy. In fact, it averages a measly 97 calories per shot. 
If you then pair it with a low or zero calorie mixer, you’re getting a decent drink for under 100 calories. That’s way less than the 160 calories contained in an average glass of wine or the 208 calories that you’ll find in a pint of beer.  And there is plenty of very healthy and delicious recipes to enjoy your gin.

Now that’s some good news!

Go wrinkle free

This one, I didn’t expect! Apparently juniper berries are packed full of antioxidants.
Since juniper is the primary ingredient of gin, gin is also believed to help to improve the smoothness of your skin.
The result: a healthier, more youthful appearance. So, as you get older, reach for the gin and make sure you keep those cocktails flowing. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could even add a little pomegranate juice (or cordial). This will add even more antioxidants and your drinking should become increasingly guilt free.  And if you really want to “up-the-ante”, there’s even an amazing gin brand that is infused with collagen. Intriguingly, it’s called Collagin. I’m reliably informed that this gin not only tastes good but it gives you smooth skin and helps to fight the wrinkles.
Perhaps we’ve inadvertently stumbled across the secret of eternal youth?  And that’s not the gin talking.

Loosen up your joints

If you’re suffering from joint pain, we have a solution that we think you might like.
For many years, juniper was used as an antidote to joint pain, arthritis and rheumatism. Clearly, there are well established, science-based treatments for conditions like this, but it might be worth adding a little gin to your medicine cabinet.  For generations, gin-soaked raisins have been taken daily as a way of reducing inflammation. 
And once again, don’t just take my word for it. I refer you to the case of 105 year old Lucia DeClerck of New Jersey, who credits her gin-soaked raisins for a happy, healthy and long life.

Skip the hangovers with gin

While my own experience tells me something different, it is often claimed that gin doesn’t give you a hangover. But I guess, like all spirits, it depends on how much you imbibe.
One thing we do know is this: white spirits such as gin, vodka and sake are probably your safest bet if you don’t want to be holding your head in the morning.
But gin has a little advantage. It contains very few congeners. These are the impurities in the alcohol that are produced as a result of the fermentation phase.  The body struggles to process these congeners and as a result, they contribute to the sick feeling and headaches that you might experience the morning after a big night.
In fact, according to research, Bourbon contains 37 times more chemicals than gin.  Plus, gin tastes so much better!

Fight kidney and liver disease

This might sound counterintuitive, but juniper berries can actually help you to stop water retention in your body. 
This means that when you drink gin, it allows you to pass more water through your system than any other form of alcohol. 
This, in turn, helps flush out more of the harmful bacteria and poisons which are consumed in alcohol.
Gin’s juniper content offers an easy way to clear your body of harmful ingredients for a healthier and happier life.

Let’s drink to our health!

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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