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Gin news: Ruddles – the ultimate gin dog!

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Introducing our gorgeous newshound, Ruddles. Or Señor Ruddles if you prefer.
This shaggy, laid back bundle of love is a vital part of our team here at Barcelona Gin and all our gin news.  We recruited him from a local refuge a few years ago.  He had spent much of his early life living outdoors in a huge field. It was full of other abandoned dogs, overlooking the Mediterranean, not far from Barcelona.  Before that, he’d lived with an old Spanish shepherd high up in the hills of El Garraf.  He was a lovely man, but he was old and he couldn’t give Ruddles the love he needed.
So, when the Barcelona Gin team went to meet Ruddles in his dusty field, it was love at first sight. And he’s been with us ever since.  At first, we weren’t sure about his taste for gin.  But then something changed.  A few years ago, I was walking him past the doors of my favourite underground Barcelona gin bar.  It’s a little late-night dive bar right in the heart of town.  As we walked past, I could feel him gently straining on the leash.

The dog made me do it…

He was trying to pull me in.  I was never one to put up a fight, but he was insisting.  So, we wandered on down the stairs for a late night copa of Martin Millers with tonic.  As soon as we were down there, he made it clear that he likes gin just as much as we do.  He literally lapped up my G&T, right in front of me.  And he seemed to give it a good review.

So, now we’ve recruited Ruddles full time (we may as well make him work for a living).

A nose for news…

And now he’s sniffing out great gins for us, as well as using that newshound nose to uncover great gin news and  stories from the world of gin that you might not normally come across.  So, keep an eye out for regular gin news reports from Ruddles in our regular Gin the News section.  And feel free to reach out to him directly via email at  He’ll usually get back to you pretty quickly.

Plus, if the lockdown ever ends and you find yourself in Barcelona, we can highly recommend popping down to Les Gens Que J’Aime.  A great little bar in a great town, with great gins at great prices.  Ruddles likes it, so it must be good!


Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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