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Apoteca Festive Spiced gin: the spirit of Christmas

Everybody’s on the Christmas bandwagon now and with the holiday frenzy likely to be slightly muted this year, we though we’d share with you a unique craft gin that’s sure to add a little seasonal spice to this year’s gin bar. Apoteca Festive Spiced Gin might even become this year’s top tipple.

The folks at Honey Spirits Co. have taken their award winning Apoteca original gin and given it a festive twist, just in time for the holidays.

The result: a fun and flavourful gin blending the natural sweetness of honey with the seasonal tastes of cranberries, damsons, elderberry and winter spices.

If you’re looking for something a little different for the holidays, you might enjoy a glass or two of this seasonal spirit. It has a superb balance of rich Christmas flavours overlaying a rich, herbal juniper complexity. Apoteca Festive Spiced gin comes in a 50cl bottle and packs a decent alcoholic punch at 40% ABV.

Apoteca Festive Spiced Gin

Hello honey…

The award winning Honey Spirits Co. is a relative newcomer to the craft gin scene, but it’s been quickly building a strong reputation for itself. The story begins in a little village called Flagg, up in England’s stunning Peak District. That is where the honey magic happens.

This small family business was only launched in 2017, but it always had one clear objective in mind: create a selection of high quality products including spirits and meads without the use of artificial sweeteners, colours or additives. What makes this distillery stand out is that they only sweeten their spirits using honey or bee-based ingredients. They infuse these alongside a range of exotic botanicals that have been foraged in the UK and Lithuania.

Apoteca Festive Spiced Gin: 22 botanicals, bee-bread and a damson twist

Apoteca’s special edition gin is unusual in that it is built on a rye base. It is then lovingly distilled with a blend of 22 botanicals including the obligatory juniper plus unique ingredients such as bee-bread and propolis (to give a honey aroma without the sweetness). There are also herbal elements delivered by wormwood and St. John’s wort. There’s some sea buckthorn for a lemony citrus effect and even oak bark to help balance things out with a dry finish. Look out for other botanicals including hints of cinnamon, chamomile, mint and even blackcurrant leaves.

For the Apoteca Festive Spice Gin, they’ve pumped up this wonderful mixture with a selection of festive fruits such as damsons, elderberries and winter spices. The result: a superb Christmas drink to add some seasonal spice to your holiday sipping.

The perfect pour: This drink can be sipped on its own or poured into a highball glass filled with ice and topped up with some high quality ginger ale. Garnish with a slice or fresh orange.

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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