Dux Bar

Dux Bar: Barcelona’s hidden gem

Down a narrow, twisted alley in Barcelona’s ancient and atmospheric El Born barrio, lies a little bar dedicated to all things gin. It’s hard to find if you don’t know where you’re going, but it’s well worth the effort once you find it. In the city that reinvented gin for the 21st century, Dux Bar was a pioneer. It was among the first cocktail bars to recognise the gin revolution that was coming.

All the best secrets are hard to find

Walk through the dark ancient streets of the old town and soak up the atmosphere before opening the doors to this vibrant little bar. They still take their gin here as seriously now as they did the first day they opened their doors. The atmosphere is convivial. Somewhere between the coziness of a pub and the cool buzz of a stylish cocktail bar. This place has got the balance just right.

Gins, cocktails (and much, much more…)

In addition to the wide selection of gins available behind the bar, they serve up signature cocktails with care and attention. Dux Bar even makes its own infused gins that can’t be found anywhere else. This is a classy place with classic gin drinks made to order with unusual creativity and flair. And if you’re not in the mood for gin then they have the standard range of inferior spirits available. They also have a decent selection of cold beers on tap.

Get in the swing – music to drink gin with

The other thing they’ve made a name for is their live music. More often than not, wander into this bar and relax to the sound of cool jazz. Or on another night, you might find a local DJ providing a relaxing and fun soundtrack to a memorable evening. This is a proper hidden gem and it’s hard-to-find location means that it is not over run with tourists in the way that some bars in the neighbouring Barrio Gotico can be.

Style, flair and imagination

This is a grown up place and the bartenders know their stuff.
Drinks are made with a certain style and flair that is common to Barcelona’s best bars. We think they are some of the very best cocktails in a town that’s already well known for its cocktails.
The vibe is nice, the crowd is fun and the cocktails are every bit as creative as the mixologists they employ.
The menu contains an entire page of infused gin and every drink is layered with several depths of hidden flavours and unexpected surprises such as gin cocktails infused with smoke, prepared at your table by Angel, the talented bartender and showman who runs the bar.

The decor is equally eclectic with everything from a working piano (for those impromptu jazz moments) to a beautiful collection of lead soldiers in an illuminated case. There’s even a welcoming fireplace complete with framed paintings of cartoon dogs. Another unique touch from this classy bar is that in addition to infusing their own gins, they offer personalised “gin boxes” and bespoke “gin packs”. These make ideal presents for your gin loving friends.

Classy (but affordable)

G&T lovers will be pleased to know that prices are in the 8-14 euro range, so there’s something for everyone. Given current restrictions, we’re not exactly sure what their opening hours are right now. But we definitely think this is one to put on your list for when things finally return to normal. We think it will be well worth the wait!


Dux Bar, C. dels Vigatans, 13, 08003, Barcelona, Spain

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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Born again tasting walk

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El Born is one of the most interesting areas of Barcelona. Originally an extension of the more famous Barrio Gotico next door, it is a maze of twisty atmospheric medieval streets and alleys reeking with atmosphere (like its cousin next door) but with less tourists and shops and more bars and restaurants. The perfect place for a short gin walk as it is full of little gems.

Tha Barcelon Gin dream team tried 4 bars on a Friday night, all within a few minutes walk of each other and all with a completely different vibe.


Dux cocktail  bar is tucked away on a side street in El Born, very close to Jaume I metro station and just off the busy Via Laietana.

The place is a modern twist on an old school cocktail bar and serves a good range of standard and hard to find gins at reasonable prices. It also has a range of interesting infused gins and (perhaps with a nod to the Roca brothers or Heston Blumenthal), even serves some gins infused with smoke at the table under glass jars.

A comfortable, civilised, stylish bar with excellent and helpful bar staff, this one is well worth a try (and a great place to start your evening).

Most gins were in the 8-14 euro range.

The vibe was cozy, vintage modern, quirky, jazzy with nice details such as a working piano (for their regular jazz evenings), a beautiful collection of lead soldiers in an illuminated case, and a fireplace with framed paintings of cartoon dogs.

Drinks were strong, well presented and served in large “copa” style balon glasses with 4 big ice cubes and well garnished to enhance the botanicals of each gin.

Service was good (and prompt). Our bartender, Angel was charming and explained all the options, made the drinks and even served them at our table.

They also organise regular live jazz/swing music evenings, guest bartenders, themed events and have daily/weekly specials.

Rubi Bar

Just a few blocks down the road is Rubi, unassuming from the outside but this place picks up once you get inside with a long crowded bar, exposed brick walls draped with red velvet curtains and ambient lighting to give it a clubby feel. We got there at 10pm on a Friday night and it was already packed (but it was pouring with rain outside which might have had something to do with it)

Gins were between 7 and 9 euros, the place was loud and filled with a young crowd (early 30s) and mostly English speakers ex-pats and a few visiting tourists and some cozy couples.

Vibe, buzzy, pre-club atmosphere, more girls than guys – more like a party bar that serves gin than a specialist gin bar.

They offered between 30 and 50 different gins ranging from exotic foreign gins to locally produced brands – they also have their own Rubi gin brand available for only 7 euros a glass.

The busy staff behind the bar did the best to keep up with the crowds  demands

Other – loud and crowded, 70s R&B pumping out from the speakers at volume. A great place to go for a late night drink or to top up before hitting the clubs. They also serve a limited range of basic tapas to help to soak up the booze. Not really a gin bar (despite the vast range of gins, most people were drinking something else). Also, please note that at the time of our visit, they did not accept credit cards, so bring cash.


Stagger a few blocks down the road to find Paradiso, a cool and stylish bar with a modernist “speakeasy” vibe and a sophisticated but quirky style.

The front of the bar is a small tiled pastrami shop with a few stools at the counter. But  look to your left and you’ll see a closed door and if the doorman lets you in, you enter another world. A stunning curved wooden ceiling pays homage to modernism and the place is buzzing with an eclectic mix of customers in their 30s and 40s all obviously having a great time.

The soundtrack is sexy laidback house music and the vibe is buzzy but chilled.

Plus, you can get their delicious pastrami sandwiches (served on rye bread with mustard and sauerkraut or if you prefer you could try their delicious pulled pork bagel) brought to your table. The pastrami is amazing, hand-smoked by local artisans direct from the Barcelona-based Rooftop Smokehouse – absolutely delicious.

The vibe here is cool, buzzy, sexy, sophisticated.

While they had a decent selection of gins it was nothing exceptional. Also a vast range of quirky cocktails served in teapots, jam jars, glass pipes and other unusual vessels.

Our gins were served in beautiful, large, vintage tumblers made of old fashioned cut glass to add a little extra style to our evening

Service was amazing. We were seated within 5 minutes, everyone was charming, helpful and attentive and we were even brought glasses of water before they took our order. They discreetly manage the steadily increasing volume of a group of guys seated next to us and despite bringing our food at different times (they were busy) they apologised to us twice and were instantly forgiven when the food arrived!

This has quickly become one of my favorite bars in Barcelona and I’ll be going back soon. I loved everything about it from the decor to the service to the drinks – and my pastrami sandwich was one of the best things I’ve eaten in a bar for years.


Collage cocktail bar is a quirky, cool, old style drinking bar with a sexy twist, we really like this place.

Converted from what looks like two shops, its walls are filled with vintage 60s wallpaper, interesting wall art (for sale) and a cozy atmosphere created by clever use of indirect light.

The bar serves standard gins such as Sipsmith, Citadelle, Bombay Sapphire (paid links)  and BCN Raw Gin (a delicious Catalan gin made locally), but they only had one tonic water available when we were there.

The crowd were mostly in their 30s and were a bit more casual and laid back than at the other bars – you got the sense that for many of them this was a regular hangout. Despite this, we were able to quickly get a table for 4 on the mezzanine upstairs, with a view of the hipster bartenders doing their thing downstairs.

The vibe was quirky hipster, casual and laid back “vintage” style (with a dash of irony). Groovy elevator music was playing in the background (but this got more appealing as we drank our gins). It was quite loud and not easy to have a conversation but everybody seemed to be having a good time. Water was brought to our table when we sat down and while the waitress was polite and charming, she wasn’t that knowledgeable about gin and she couldn’t remember the name of the tonic water they served.

Drinks were served in IKEA style tumblers and garnished appropriately with fruits and spices. Well organised and the perfect place to end our evening. We’ll definitely be going back

Service was good, friendly, efficient. This is not technically a “specialist”gin bar and that was reflected in the service and product knowledge of the servers.

This place could be dangerous. I could see myself popping in and staying for a while or extending my evening with a nightcap or two. Felt like a local place with an honest approach and its “shabby chic” vibe felt instantly comfortable.