Beautiful pink bottle of Akori Cherry Blossom Gin

Akori gin: where Barcelona meets Japan

Barcelona has always embraced inspiration from all over the world. As an ancient Mediterranean port, it was a major trading hub, bringing in exotic herbs and spices from Africa and hosting traders and merchants from along the silk route. This cosmopolitan vibe is one of the hallmarks of this great city. You can see it in the food, the restaurants and the architecture that define this place.

And, as we know, it was at the forefront of the craft gin revolution. This is the city that redefined the way we approach gin, adding drama to the experience with exotic garnishes, giant glasses and loads of ice. Sipping a G&T on a roof top bar in Barcelona is an experience not to be missed.

Made in Barcelona, born in Asia

Having led the charge in the first revolution, which changed forever the way we think about a Gin & Tonic, Barcelona’s gin makers have now turned their attention to making the stuff themselves. Building on a rich tradition brands such as Larios, Gin Mare and Mahon often take centre stage. But now, there is a new generation of craft gin distillers in the Barcelona area who are once again redefining the gin we drink.

These craft distillers use clever blends of infusions, herbs and natural ingredients that are taking gin to another level. And amongst this new crop of artisan gin makers, we came across Akori Cherry Blossom gin .

Inspired by Japanese cherry blossoms

This delicate gin (blended with rice based spirit) is inspired by Japan but distilled in Barcelona. It is the younger sister to Akori Premium gin (which we also highly recommend). The cherry blossom is one of the the national flowers of Japan and is the key botanical of this unusual gin. It sits comfortably alongside the more exotic flavours of kumquat, ginger and dragonfruit. There’s even a hint of almond in there. The result is a delicious, refreshing and complex gin with a subtle cherry citrus flavour. This modern gin manages to build a contemporary bridge between Asia and Europe. Plus, its crisp, smooth finish make it ideal for sipping in a cool environment. And, as you would expect from a Barcelona gin, it comes in a drop dead gorgeous bottle that is sure to stand out on anybody’s gin shelf.

The perfect serve:

Best served in a large Spanish Copa glass, filled all the way to the top with large cubes of ice. Pair it with a freshly opened Indian Tonic Water or some Fentiman’s Yuzu tonic for a refreshing, invigorating drink. Then garnish it with a slice of ginger, a sprinkling of juniper berries or a kumquat. Finally, sit back in your chair, take a deep breath and relax. We think you’re going to like this one.

ABV: 40%

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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