5 beautiful gin bottles

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We all know that gin is a thing of beauty, but beauty exists not only on the inside but the outside too.

Packaging is increasingly important as the gin revolution gathers pace, so here are our top 5 gins that both look good and taste good.

Let us know what you think are the most beautiful bottles out there and send us some pictures.

Here’s our personal top 5.

  1. Silent Pool gin: a true work of art, it reflects the colours of the legendary pool itself, nestled in the Surrey Hills in the south of England. A pale blue wash on the bottle and a stunningly embossed exterior etched with bronze Autumn leaves (like the pool itself), it’s a real stunner. Plus, they do beautiful copa glasses to match!

2. GINRAW: as befits a city with Barcelona’s design heritage, this bottle breaks the rules with its elegant shape, subtly frosted exterior, hand-made ash wood stopper and aluminium ring to top it all. This is a modern design classic and will stand out on any gin bar.

3. Opihr – a bulbous, squat, rounded bottle with a richly coloured exterior with gold and purple and a gold cord around the top, there’s something “fez like” about this presentation. Eye-catching, exotic and bold, it makes a statement, and that statement is “drink me”.

4. Beefeater 24: Its confident straight lines, heavy glass base and big blob of red glass anchoring its bottom, this is a gin bottle that looks stunning. With a little light shining from behind and that red blob, it always reminds me of a lava lamp from the 60s. A bottle fit for a cocktail bar (and a great gin as well).

5. Saffron – a classic French bottle that feels like it’s been made for an 18th century pharmacy. But the real star of the show is the golden orange saffron colour of the gin itself. Liquid gold, this one lets the gin do all the talking.

What’s the prettiest bottle of gin you ever saw? Drop us a line or even better, post a photo in Instagram tagging @barcelonagincommunity and mentioning #myfavouriteginbottle.