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The Ruddles Report (April): all the gin news that’s fit to print

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It’s official – this month, Ruddles, the Barcelona Gin Dog has gone barking mad. He’s spent the last few weeks hunting down the gin news that’s hard to find. The stuff that’s as rare as truffles, but much more useful.
This month, we take a look at the world’s first cardboard gin bottle and we unveil a 3 L “box” of pink gin that will keep you drinking well into the summer months. We take a look at the story behind how the Spanish perfected the G&T and we have a helpful guide to the 14 best gin cocktails for 2021. We round up this month’s Ruddles Report with a campaign to create a Gin and Tonic emoji, which we think will make post-gin texting a much easier affair. There’s something for everybody here – hope you enjoy it.

Get down to earth with a cardboard gin bottle

In the month that the world celebrated Earth Day, it’s great to hear innovative gin makers addressing the real concerns of our impact on the planet we love. It is good to see the gin industry rallying around with initiatives that will help to minimise its impact on the environment.

Gin’s ingredients depend on a healthy planet and consumers are increasingly sensitive to the impact that some of their favourite brands are having on the place we love and live. That’s why big distillers such as Bombay Sapphire have announced their intention to be the world’s most sustainable gin producer and are starting to make a virtue out of their fully recyclable gin bottles. They have already announced their mission to become the world’s most sustainable gin – let’s see how they do.

This month, the folks at Silent Pool have also unveiled a brand new gin based on ingredients and botanicals sourced from their local forest. But here’s the thing – they’ve just created the world’s first fully recyclable cardboard bottle, Woodland Gin. In keeping with their other gorgeous bottles, this is a stunning bottle design – but it’s made from cardboard. We hope this is the beginning of something good.

In the pink with a 3L box of gin…

While we’re on the subject of cardboard, we’d like to share news of another development. If you’re into pink gin, the folks at Pinkster have introduced their “Gin in a Box”.
During lockdown, it appears that a combination of drinking a bit more and getting out a bit less has led to some ginnovative ideas. One of them is Pinkster’s 3L box of gin, which allows you to stock up at a discount on the normal bottle price. That means less trips to the booze aisle of the supermarket. It also has the advantage of being sustainable, refillable and has a handy tap so all you have to do is flip it and pour.

Perfect for barbecues, festivals and general partying!
Another great idea from the gin industry.

How Spain changed the gin and tonic forever

And in a homage to our Barcelona connection, we’re delighted to share an article about how the Spanish perfected the gin and tonic. They rescued a slightly old fashioned, tired and unattractive drink from the 70s and turned into a fiesta of taste sensations that stimulates the senses and adds a touch of theatre and style to an English classic.

They’ve turned the ordinary gin and tonic into an extraordinary occasion and changed the gin game in the process. You’ve got to love the Spanish.

Unveiling the 14 best gin cocktails for summer sipping

With summer getting ever closer, summer cocktails might be on your mind. It’s always difficult finding the best way to showcase your gin and cocktails are the way ahead.

But the season dictates your mood and tastes, so you’ll need a summer selection to brighten up those (not always) sunny days. But we know how busy you are, so we’ve saved you from troubling google with last minute cocktail recipe searches.

We’ve done the work for you with this excellent article with 14 great gin cocktails that you can whip up for those special summer moments.

Smile if you want a gin emoji

Finally, something to make you smile. We think gin deserves an emoji of its own. After all, everything else seems to have one. So, get political and join the campaign for a G&T emoji. Just think how handy that would be when texting from the bar.
The folks at Lixir Drinks have started a petition to get G&T on the digital map.
We think it’s a great idea. Hope you get behind it!

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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