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The Ruddles Report: sniffing out the gin news

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Ruddles the gin dog has made a good start. In his first roundup of gin news, he broke a few good stories, so he already has much to live up to. Hopefully, his second effort won’t disappoint. This week, our faithful newshound has several gin news scoops to his name.

You know those amazing snow globes from M&S that everybody’s been talking about? Well, apparently they’re selling out fast , which is no surprise, considering how beautiful these things are. The problem is that they are in such scarce supply, that they’re flying off the shelves. So much so that the folks at M&S have had to put a strict rationing policy in place. Apparently we will all be limited to only 2 bottles each. Maybe this is a good time to round up some elves to stock up on your behalf.

You can’t always get what you want

On a slightly different note, we’re all getting used to the sound of Christmas carols wherever we go. It is the soundtrack to Christmas. Let’s face it, unless its Slade, rock and roll is not exactly conducive to mulled wine and mince pies.
But try telling that to the Rolling Stones. Just in time for Christmas, these aging rockers have released their own brand gin in collaboration with UK gin brand, Goldy Gin. Featuring the iconic lips logo, this limited edition gin is only available at Selfridges for a short time only!.
We haven’t tried it yet, but we love the idea. We’re sure this latest offering from the Stones will give you total Satisfaction. We know that you can’t always get what you want, but remember, if you try, sometimes you get what you need!

All at sea with the world’s first on board gin distillery

And for those of you who are dreaming of the great, wide post-lockdown world, what better way of travelling than on a cruise ship. Even better if that cruise ship makes its own gin.
Welcome to the P&O cruises latest attraction: a giant cruise ship with its own on-board gin distillery. This innovation will make a bespoke gin exclusively for its cruise passengers using the skills and expertise of The Salcombe Distilling Company. Their on-board craft-distilled gin is called Marabelle (ABV 42%) and it will be the “star of the bar” aboard their latest 5,200 passenger luxury cruise ship, Iona. Now that’s a job I’d apply for.

It’s gin up north: taster required

Talking of jobs, here’s another beauty. Apparently they’re looking for gin tasters in the North East. They’re bound to have countless applicants, but if you feel like you have the skills required, polish up your CV and send it in, you never know!
You may need to relocate, but if you think you know your spirit, if you have a sophisticated palette and a nose for a great gin, then this could be the perfect job for you.

Gin or wine? You don’t have to choose

And finally, for those of us who love gin and wine and who sometimes can’t quite decide, check out this new Sauternes gin.
Once again, the Salcombe Distilling Company have highlighted their passion for innovation. They’ve also teamed up with the guys at Chateau Climens to create the latest in its limited edition Voyager Series Phantom gin (ABV 46%) to create a premium gin which spent eight months earlier this year inside barrels that were used to age the 2015 and 2016 vintages. We’re looking forward to getting our laughing gear around that one.

That’s it for this week’s Ruddles Report. Off to sniff out a few more gin news stories for you for the new year!

Written by Steve (with a little help from Ruddles, the gin dog!)

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